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Lighting problems?

This is a discussion on Lighting problems? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a 99 TA and i have to replace some sort or bulb about once a month, whether it ...

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    Lighting problems?

    I have a 99 TA and i have to replace some sort or bulb about once a month, whether it is a headlight or a side marker light. It seems that when i replace one another goes out in like 3 weeks. I have been putting sylvania bulbs in it and checking the terminals for corrosion or moisture and nothing . It is mostly the headlights than anything because i have replaced both low beams twice in the last 5 months. I figured that the car has so many lights on it ( about 24) and takes so much current to push all of them. Has anyone had problems with this.

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    I had some issues with lighting when I first bought my car, my problem was, some of the fuses weren't the right ones in the box, like blue ones where yellow should be, red where blue should be, etc. Also, my fuse boxes BOTH had some kind of blueish green corrosion in them, and I had to replace them. But before I replaced them, bulbs were CONSANTLY burning up, going bad, the whole deal. I highly doubt (and hope) your car doesnt have the corrosion, but make sure to check your fuses first. Im no electrician ya know, but that would be my first step. If they are all fine, just keep asking here I know for sure there is someone here who knows what you can do :-)
    Good luck

    *EDIT* When I said "BOTH" fuse boxes, I meant the one in our interior on the drivers side of the dash, and one box under the hood, but now I cant remember which of the two under there it was..
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