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Last new camaro in the world

This is a discussion on Last new camaro in the world within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; be careful with mods, your dad may be the pres, but certian things will void the warranty out. If you ...

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    be careful with mods, your dad may be the pres, but certian things will void the warranty out. If you want to add a ton more power I suggest getting a used ls1 for around 12k

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    2001 Camaro Z28 M6

    Great find!!! Once the car is yours do what you want with it! If you going to build it up, build smart and build from the ground up!

    This is a list of some of the parts you can get!! Just donít make the mistake of building up the engine and nothing else, you will do nothing but wreck the car that way!

    First off when modding donít believe the HP claims that performance parts companies post, especially SLP. Their posted HP numbers are high, and not realistic.

    Suspension and chassis:

    The SS comes with the 1LE suspension package, beefier sway bars, spring, etc. Take it all off and replace them, with something like BMR or SPOHN.
    Whatís the point of building up and engine if you canít grip and youíre just going to twist!
    Lowering springs and an adj. pan-hard: keeps the car hugging the ground and keeps the rear-end straight.
    Lower control arms: are must, they eliminate wheel hop!
    Sub-frame connectors: tighten up the car, excellent jacking locations, and prevent frame twisting.
    Trans-mount: replace the weak rubber trans-mount with a poly.

    Some people nuke theirs when stock, some people have 470rwhp and are running the factory rearend. Just research it, and replace as needed!!


    Also your idea with the Z06 calliperís, great idea, 4 pistons calipers will definitely improve your stopping. You can even grind down the corvette embossment, and replace with a camaro vinyl sticker. Speaking of brakes replace the rotors, f-body rotors warp. Most aftermarket rotors that are dimpled or slotted with thick material webbing will work fine. Stay away from cross-drilled, they usually develop surface cracks.

    If the car is an M6, replace the crappy hurst/slp shifter with a PRO 5.0 shifter w/an angled short stick.
    If the car is an A4, replace the torque converter with a stall converter, but with a stall that matches your cam.

    Engine and exhaust:
    First thing to do engine related, is the open her up, let the car breath.
    I agree with the above statement, keep the center exhaust and pick up a flowtech exhaust dump, with an electric switch, nothing flows better!
    Headers, long tubes all the way, unless your doing a turbo build, then its custom headers. There are many header companies out there. Just do your research,
    I have hooker headers and love them. Make sure to go ceramic coated.
    LID, GM High tech performance mag, rated SLPs lid as the best.
    MAF, the factory one is fine, unless your making over 550rwhp
    Intake, 01 and 02 fbodys come with the ls6 intake, keep it! It will work fine for a long time.

    CAM, a 224 cam is a mild great every day driver cam. Just make sure to install headers before you install a cam or you will choke out your heads!!
    Also if you ever go to a turbo build, a 224 is great for that too. Then you could be in the 850rwhp range!!!

    This is just a small list of things to do, if you have any questions just pm me! Between sites like this one, LS1tech and LSall, you will definitely find answers!

    The best order to build:
    Engine bolt-ons before, chassis, suspension and brakes is fine, but make sure you build up the suspension, chassis and brakes before installing cams, nitrous or any other power-adders. Plan your build up too, just donít buy parts randomly. A lot of guys and f-body cars get screwed by not following those two tips!

    One last thing, donít forget about the freebie mods. Port the throttle body yourself (if you can) and do a bumpstop mod.
    Install university, has the instructions!

    Goodluck and congrats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fleegle41
    so as badly as i want to throw a monster cam in there or run it on the bottle or somethin for big power, i also want to keep its clean slick newness for as long as possible. I was thinkin just some good lookin wheels (has the 10 spoke chromes now), some regular bolt ons, a couple free mods, and maybe somethin mild like the ls6 cam, flp's, and it has the slp center mount exhaust...i think ill leave that on there, maybe throw a dump on. any changes/suggestions?
    If I was going throught the trouble of a cam swap I would go big with it. To hell with a LS6 cam. The value is only what someone will pay for it. My buddy as a SOM 02 SS H/T with 6 miles on it. He is having trouble getting 35,000 out of it. That is a perfect car to mod all the way.

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    Could be more new ones out there !!!

    Seems there may be more left over new Z28's than you might think !!!
    Last time i was searching there were a few in the St. Louis Mo. area , even convertible with R/S aero pkg..
    So not really wanting to upset you but there may be more out there..
    Still all told i think you've got one hell of a find & hope you take care of it & enjoy it for years to come ....


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