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Just broke 50,000 miles...anything I should check?

This is a discussion on Just broke 50,000 miles...anything I should check? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I bought my 2001 WS6 Trans Am with 46,000 miles in November, it's an M6. I unfortunately have no record ...

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    2001 Trans Am WS6

    Just broke 50,000 miles...anything I should check?

    I bought my 2001 WS6 Trans Am with 46,000 miles in November, it's an M6. I unfortunately have no record of previous maintainance. I just broke 50,000 miles and am wondering what things in general I should look into replacing. I had the oil changed and air filter replaced around 48,000 miles. I run 93 octane and still experience a little but of knocking between 4,500-5,000 rpm sometimes. I also think I get a little bit of hesitation sometimes when I accelerate fairly hard. Any tips or things you reccomend I check/replace would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    The 01-02 cars are bad about oil consumption, which dilutes the air/fuel ratio and makes for a lot of knock. I had an '01 car with the same problem. Stay on top of the PCV system and consider adding a catch-can to eliminate any oil from going through the combustion process.

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    50,000 is a good time to change your rear end and tranny fluid, also check the bearings and what not. Much better to change the rear end shaft bearings before they eat into the shaft. If you do get a catch can and reduce the oil in the intake or not you should get a top end cleaner and try to clean out the intake system. Also I ran my stock plugs until 110,000 with no decrease in mileage or anything. They actually didn't look that bad when I took them out other then obviously pretty warn. But alot of guys change them more often, if your up to it, probably couldn't hurt. Thats about it, otherwise you got quite a few miles before anything really breaks probably.

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    GET THE CATCH CAN! And heat shield the vacuum lines in and out of it. That helps the misty oil to cool and condense in the can better. The can makes a huge difference. My '01 SS was using oil like mad and always had crap-nasty smelling exhaust. Catch-can, Auto-Rx, and Seafoam cleared that up really well. Now I just have to make sure I don't let my can get too full.

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