Iíve got a lot of challenges on the 5.3. About finished with restoration and changed the intake tube and filter. The original was worn out from removing it too much. A huge list of errors previous owners shop made. Bad grounds, bad wiring etc. Too many codes to list but chased them all and lead back to bad grounds. When I put the new intake on I did read the Erod requirements on where to place the MAF. The last engine shop said ditch what I built but his full time tuner said leave it and itíll tune. Since the new tube and tune runs rich both banks, -10 -15% but ok on highway, at idle is rich. In account battery offline for several days and took on several drives to let it catch up but still rich. Thats the front story.

Also being 3 sections Iím not happy about new 4Ē how the donít match perfect, itís Spectre crap. But how wrong could new aluminum be? Anyway any input in obvious signs of. Fundamentally wrong would be appreciated.

Also how the hell do you attach a photo?