ok guys this is my car and this board is great i just found it and im thrilled.ok all the replies have been helpful just so everyone is on the same page i just would like to tell everyone what i have a i have a 98 ls1 trans am i bought it with all the work done to the engine k-tech ported and polished heads,comp racing cam,lifters valves all the internal engine is redone and nothing on my motor is stockbrand new rebuilt tranny{rebuild costed 2500 by the way} new center force dual friction racing clutch richmond 10 bolt powertraxx 342 rear, new axles broke the old ones in the rear end so this car is costing me nothing but money will put pics up in a couple days and then it is for sale 100,000 miles on car but redone engine has about 35,000 after i fix the injector im done i wont put another red cent in it taking offers! sounds just like that corvette the guy is getting ready to buy check the board and 373s would be crazy in there. has many more extras!!jbigdawg79@aol.com have 18s right now have 17s