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I got $$$, now what?

This is a discussion on I got $$$, now what? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Well, my bank account will be growing alot more than it usually does. So guess where all that money is ...

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    I got $$$, now what?

    Well, my bank account will be growing alot more than it usually does. So guess where all that money is going to. I have thought long and hard on what I am going to do and how but I still have not come up with a set out come.
    I am thinking of two possiblities-- (1) Put my money into suspension/apperance/sound system first and when I get that how I like, just get a crate engine. Or (2) have the engine completely rebuilt with forged internals and slap on a supercharger or turbo. Screw everything else. haha.

    BTW- I want a daily driver that I will never have to worry about. But with some power. Just wondering if anyone could give me some info on prices and any suggestions you have.

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    Well ...few things....anytime you start slapping on bolt do I say is the balloon other squeeze the balloon in the middle and both the ends get big....squeeze the ends and the middle gets big.....Get big RWHP and the drive line shits the bed.....fix the drive line and the frame twist.....then you gotta mod the frame and sub bushings...bigger brakes...blah blah blah......

    So I would suggest you sit down and "figure out" what exactly kind of car you want...sounds like you wanna go street beast....You can go with some milder head/cam setups and maintain drive ability but yet have plenty of punch...I would first establish what your trannie/drive line can take...then mod to that number....
    From there the sky is the limit....Nitrous/Superchargers/Turbos/High Performance Rear Ends/Axles/Forged Bottom Ends/...just gets crazy.....

    Bottom line is if your like me your in trouble....I mod for adrenaline.....never ever gonna get my money careful how much you spend on your could probably get a new Vette for what many put into a F-Body with mods Me...I got $70K+ in a 04GTO....and I love it...

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    $70K+ in it? Man, what a toy!

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    Wow Sarge

    How does it handle in the corners?? I really hope someday I can have a car or three like that.

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