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How much to replace an engine (non Camaro)

This is a discussion on How much to replace an engine (non Camaro) within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Trying to help out a friend (single mom no car knowledge) that has no money and no wheels in a ...

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    How much to replace an engine (non Camaro)

    Trying to help out a friend (single mom no car knowledge) that has no money and no wheels in a couple weeks. Helped her buy a 1993 3sp auto Olds Cutlas Ciera S auto with a 3.3 liter engine and air cond today. Good solid car, trans, brakes steering, radio windows, etc and tires all good. Little rust and isn't new but got it for $125 since they exchange student was going back to Germany next week.

    Kicker is the engine knocks like it wants to come inside. She has no money going into backrupsey so her current car is gone in a few weeks.

    My delema:
    (1) let her continue to look for a car under $900 with auto trans that will be "reliable"

    (2)resell the car to see if can make some money so she can spend more on a used car.

    (3) get a used engine V6 3.3 liter and get person to swap engines.

    (4) drive it to junk yard and call it a $100 loss.

    Does anyone know what ball park is for a used 3.3 liter 1993 Olds engine for an auto with air??? Then what is fair cost to replace engine? My quess is $300 for a running junk yard engine and $250 for someone on the side to replace. Would give her a nice car that may only last a week but should last 2-3 years.

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    Well i say you sell it and try to regain some money out of the deal. It might be kinda hard to find a motor for it and like u said if u do its goin ta be bout 300 bucks or so for a high millage motor that u HOPE will work. Do what you can to quiet the engin knock as much as you can, and try to get 1k ot of it.

    I think that ANY running car should be able to fetch about a grand maybe alittle under.

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