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Well another auto shop showed where the sound was coming from when we had it on a lift with the car on... He said it wasthe pully at the bottom left and the noise doesnt seem like its the belt... Is it possible to take the pully off to see if its gone bad? Is a haynes manual a good repair guide? Thanks guys
I have the Haynes repair giude for '93 thru '00 Camaro/Firebird. I would think that Chilton's is the way to go. Standard auto shop equipment that Chilton's. It has no section about replacing the A/C compressor . Some of the instruction is lame. It so happens that there is a drive belt replacemnt guide in this manual.The small tensioner pulleys are very easy to replace your self. Such as the one thats just below the alternator. The pulley directly infront of the A/C compressor. Well, I have no idea if its physically part of the compressor or if its an individual part. Obviously to get down in there in the first place will take a little bit of work. You'll have to disconnect some hoses. I think you'll even need to disassemble the air intake and air filter just to make it easier to get to from above.