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Help a brother out!

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    Here is my problem. I have a 98 A4 LS1 and I cannot get it out of park. I've tried turning the key into the off position to get the car into neutral but no luck there. I have called to shops and they said that there is an some sort of an actuator that locks the shifter if the break is not engaged. When I was first trying to get the car into gear I was able to compress the brake yet could not get it out of gear. After a couple of tries the brake would no longer compress.

    Has anyone ran into this problem? What are your thoughts? If it is the actuator, how tough is the install?

    Thank you for your help gentlemen.

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    Start the engine. That will release the brake pressure. Also, with the engine running and the brake peddle pressed down, you may be able to shift the tranny out of park and inti drive.

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    Ok, I had this happen to my wifes 99GTP 2 years ago. The first time I just hit straight down on top of the shifter and it let me take it out of park. However, that was just a temp fix because the next day it did it again. I replaced the brake lock out switch on the brake pedal and that didn't do crap. You could try replacing that if you want because it's cheap. Also, look at the button on the shifter itself and make sure it's working. I think sometimes the shifter handle can work its way up and not let the button release the lockout. I ended up taking the shifter out and determined it was the electronic release in the bottom of her shifter so I used a pair of needle nose pliers and pulled the lockout pin out and bent it down so it didn't lock anymore She drove the car almost 2 years like that. I haven't looked at the shifter in the f-body but would assume it's different. I would look at the switch and shifter handle first then just bend the lockout pin out so it don't work.

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    Try the switch at the brake pedal first-it has to work in order for the release to work at the shifter. A simple test light check should be all that's necessary. Check all fuses while you are at it.
    If you pump a brake pedal with the engine turned off you are releasing the reserve vacuum out of the power booster,it should pump a few times and then get harder to pump. What you are feeling then is how your brakes feel without the power assist.

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    Thank you gentleman,

    It turns out that once I pulled off the shift knob to get into the guts, I found my problem. The plastic piece that is pushed down when the thumb button is engaged had broken. Until I can switch out the handle I am able to shift, by manually pushing down the shifting rod. Thank you all for your quick responses.

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    Glad to hear you're all back up and running. Now it's time to start raiding some junk yards for that part.

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    what part do you need exactly? I still think that I have my stock a4 shift knob...

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