Hey guys, new here, I'm 19 and am attempting an engine swap all on my own, I know I should probably pay someone to do it but I own a good few trucks and have never put them in the shop for anything and don't wanna start now.

So I'm putting an ls376/480 in a 94 K1500, my question is what are all the parts ill need for this swap?

I know I need a new radiator meant for ls engines, a high pressure fuel pump (should i go return style or returnless for the fuel setup?), 1 inch setback mounts, a standalone harness, drive by wire gas pedal, and perhaps a transmission adapter.

Is there anything else I'm missing? As it's my first time I have no first hand experience with ls engines and all my knowledge about this is from everything I've been obsessively reading online aha,

Thanks in advance, any and all help would be greatly appreciated!