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Good Buy or Not?

This is a discussion on Good Buy or Not? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey guys, i found a red/black t/a for sale at a local shop and i wanted to know if it ...

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    Arrow Good Buy or Not?

    Hey guys, i found a red/black t/a for sale at a local shop and i wanted to know if it is even worth my time to try and get it. It is a 98 LS1 with 115k on the engine. Here it goes...

    Bad things: The interior is a little messy. And by messy i mean not only does it need a nice detail job - It needs the driver seat if not both the driver and passenger seat re-done in leather, it is missing a the fuse box cover ( no big deal) and its got a few noticable scratches on the t-tops, along with one about 2-3" long in the new paint on the bottom of the front bumper. the pumps that hold the trunk open are both shot. Not to mention there are a few cracks and scratches in the honeycomb tails. Also, its missing quite a few of them little plastic screws to hold in the sides where the speakers are in the hatch.

    Good things: still better than mine ( v6 wrecked driver door and rear qp *ouch* 102k mi.) Just got a brand new, VERY SWEET $4500 paint job with ghost flames with black accents on the bottom of the sides, around the front where the license plate/ fog lights are and around in the back by the dual exhaust. Brand new z-rated tires. the chrome wheels are still VERY shiny and are in perfect condition. The transmission was replaced a few weeks ago costing about 2200.

    Okay, so now for the deal breaker...they are asking $9900 as is.

    What do you think?? considering he is going to raise the price to about 12k he said in a week for some reason ( with winter right around the corner) Just wondering if its worth my time / going to cost me more in the long run.. any comments are appreciated..thanks for readin -


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    any where but here

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    keep looking

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    he's going to raise the price for winter?? These cars don't sell in the winter all that great...sounds like he's trying to get you to make a quick decision. I'd be cautious of any car that has a new paint job...especially one that costs 4500 but yet they treat the car like was probably paid for by the insurance company. Also 10,000 is too much IMO...especially with all those problems and the high milage.

    Another thing that's kinda weird...why would you spend 2200 on the tranny and then sell it? Is it an auto....does it shift good? It'll definately cost you more in the long run one way or's up to you if you can afford it or not...along with the higher insurance. I'd keep looking if I were you...I found mine on for 8700, only had 78,000 and has every option...along with a immaculate interior. Check out autotrader...i'm sure you find something there...good luck

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    yeah it is an automatic unfortunately....i didnt drive it due to time restrictions but he said that they took it to a car show and on the way back the tranny gave. i dunno the more i think about it the more i just want to keep looking. i want to try and find a good deal around the beginning of winter tho and its just the first one to catch my eye. thanks for the posts so far.

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    Pas it by and keep looking.

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    no, I would pass it up for sure

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    Be a jerk and offer him 5k when there is a foot of snow on the ground, but not more than that don't care if you could scrap everything and sell it for 5k.

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    I know your probably looking to get a car like this one but my opinoin is to pass it up. This guy is trying to make a quick sale. Its got high mileage and by the sounds of the work done to it, it has probably been beat to hell! If it is a WS6 its worth more than a standard trans am but check out:
    and of course

    you'll find some good deals there, and i like the way pet monk is thinking wait till winter and if hes still got it offer him like 5 or 6 grand. I dont know where you live but in illinois i cannot even drive my car in the winter when there is snow on the street i just dont get enough traction so you may want a different winter car, my 99 doesnt have traction control so i dont know if that would make a difference or not.

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