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gauges install

This is a discussion on gauges install within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; hey guys, im just gonna be honest and say when it comes down to wiring, i dont know what the ...

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    gauges install

    hey guys, im just gonna be honest and say when it comes down to wiring, i dont know what the hell im doing! im tryin to hook up my guages and iv read the directions and it tells you where they need to go but i dont know where to hook them up...... ok so my air/fuel ratio, its got a ground ( black), a wire thats hooks to the drivers side pre cat O2 ( violet ), both of those i have done, but there are two wires for the power, one that needs to be hooked to a 12 volt dash lighting (colbalt series 6175 only) ( white ) and the other to a 12 volt ignition switch ( red ) i dont kno what to do with the white wire because my gauges are C2's and i cant figure out what to hook the red wire to either. so if you guys could tell me where you hooked yours up or any and all help would be much appriciated. like i said, wiring is not my thing haha. thanks guys

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    Can't help you with the white wire, however my assumption is to just leave it disconnected if that isn't your model gauge.

    The other wire just needs to go to anything that comes on automatically with the car. I think I spliced this wire with the red wire going to my traction control button beneath the radio.

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    All the white wire does is provide illumination to your guage, that said you need to either splice the white wire into something that recieves 12v power when the lights turn on. The easiest way would be to route that wire to the left side of the dash where your fuse block is. from here you can find the headlight fuse and just wedge the open end of that wire into one side of that fuse, that way when you turn the headlights on the guage will illuminate with the other guages. Now the red wire needs to be connected to something that recieves 12v power when the key is turned to ON and/or acc. You could do this the same way as the illumination wire by wedging it into the acc. fuse or the ignition fuse. Again this is not the most proffesional way to do the wiring but it is the easiest and works just fine as long as you route the wires with an existing wiring harness or somewhere that wont caust damage to the wires. Please ask if you have any questions.

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