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Fuel injector cleaning

This is a discussion on Fuel injector cleaning within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; The dealership has a way of cleaning the fuel injectors by plugging a high pressure device, I believe its a ...

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    Fuel injector cleaning

    The dealership has a way of cleaning the fuel injectors by plugging a high pressure device, I believe its a cleaner and gas mixture, to the fuel rail and then run the car.

    Has anyone done this? Is it recommended?

    I have an 02 camaro with 50,000 kms and no problems. The dealership recommends this every 35,000kms. Has anyone done this?

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    Personally i think fuel injector cleanings are junk. Modern Gasoline has detergents in it, mandated by the good old govment... In all my years of working on cars, the only injectors ive ever seen become clogged are ones that sat with old gas in them for many many years. save the money and replace the fuel filter instead.

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    fuel filter will help, but a lot of places do top end cleaners now, where the suck the cleaner into the intake, and it cleans the runners and valve ports and whatnot. I did it on my car and noticed a little smoother idle and a little better gas mileage. The in the gas tank fuel injector cleaners really dont do much, like redls1bird said because of the detergents. It is about the equivalent of running premium, which you should do in your car anyways

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    Thanks for the replies!

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    I've seen cases where fuel injector cleaner would make an engine run noticeably better.I use it as preventative maintenance-if you wait until there is a problem you've waited too long.Injectors do get clogged-some speed shops will take your injectors and test them in a test stand,they report finding clogged injectors all the time.For a fee you can get a cleaned and matched set of injectors-something for the big dollar hipo motor people to do,for the rest of us I'd recommend just keeping them clean.Yes fuel has cleaners in it-but there is something to these other cleaners and the high pressure ones can be very effective,we use the low pressure ones in the shop I'm working at now.

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