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Ethanol now in 33% of fuel

This is a discussion on Ethanol now in 33% of fuel within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I just watched NBC Nightly News and they report that ethanol is now used in 1/3 of fuels at the ...

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    Ethanol now in 33% of fuel

    I just watched NBC Nightly News and they report that ethanol is now used in 1/3 of fuels at the pump. (about 10% ethanol to gasoline) I checked my '01 owner's manual and ethanol is OK but not methanol. I'm happy about the ethanol but why do they have to be so closely named? The owner's manual says that methanol is very corrosive to our LS1's. Hopefully methanol isn' that available. I better start looking more closely at the pumps. If this is old news, maybe some of the new members can use this.

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    methanol is for flex fuel vehicles:


    Methanol, also known as wood alcohol, can be used as an alternative fuel in flexible fuel vehicles that run on M85 (a blend of 85% methanol and 15% gasoline). However, it is not commonly used because automakers are no longer supplying methanol-powered vehicles.

    Methanol can be used to make methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE), an oxygenate which is blended with gasoline to enhance octane and create cleaner burning fuel. MTBE production and use has declined because it has been found to contaminate ground water. In the future, methanol could possibly be the fuel of choice for providing the hydrogen necessary to power fuel cell vehicles.
    ethanol, methanol, plus more are common names for fuels.

    There's a law that went in effect on Jan 1st 2004 in NYS requring all gas stations in NYS to use ethanol in place of MTBE because some tree huggers whine and moan that MTBE pollutes ground water.

    CA was the first to go to ethanol, CT 2nd, NY 3rd.

    Now the results? Ethanol has a lower octance rating than with MTBE.

    Sunoco had 94 as top octane they supply, since Jan 1st 2004, that dropped to 93.

    All other gas stations here only have 92 octane as the top, 87 and 89 are still here.

    An loss of 2-3% in MPG.
    Yes this is true, an gallon of ethanol fuel burns faster than a gallon of MTBE contained fuel.

    But in my '99 Camaro Z28 I can clearly tell it doesn't prefer ethanol fuel since it idles a lil rough. Have to feel the engine at idle to notice it.
    With the same octance I always use, either it's 89 with MTBE does well, or it's 91 with ethonal which is an increased price.

    And since the switch, I always try to get fuel from NJ since it's not far, it's also cheaper and they still use MTBE.

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