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Engine and Transmission Removal ??

This is a discussion on Engine and Transmission Removal ?? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a general question about the removal of engine and automatic transmission from 2000 Z28.What should I expect in ...

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    Engine and Transmission Removal ??

    I have a general question about the removal of engine and automatic transmission from 2000 Z28.What should I expect in time,and overall
    difficulties?and is it recommended that it be removed through the underside of the chassis,as I have heard?or can this combo be pulled out from the top?
    I have done a few engines quite awhile ago,and the newer body styles prompt me to get some advice first!lol..thanks in advance for any info!!

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    Its not too difficult, the best advice i can give is take your time and when tryin too remove, take your time and look for those wires you forgot because there's allways one. So when your pulling it just keep and eye and go slow. It can be pulled either way, If you pull from the bottom you can leave the tranny in tact, well drop them both out together but you will need a lift too do so. If your pulling the engine from the top i would reccomend pulling the engine and tranny sep.
    People say its harder too do from the top but if you dont have a lift your options are limited, i have done it both ways and im partial too the bottom method.
    With two buddy's and a lil mechanical knowledge you can have them out in a couple of ours depending on your method of attack.
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    mine is out right now. Pulled it from the top with the tranny attached. you have to have an engine hoist and get the car almost four feet off the ground until the transmission is point almost straight down with the engine all the way up and then lower the car, lift the transmission to clear the front end and push the car back. we had the intake manifold off, radiator out, coil packs out, headers off and valve covers off when we did it. then just go slow and make sure you get all the connectors and ground wires. Hardest part about it was taking the headers off and gettign the wires to clear the transmission dipstick.

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