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Emerg. Brake Light on

This is a discussion on Emerg. Brake Light on within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Ookay... goin about 95-100 on the highway. Slowed down rather fast for a min. to work around traffic. as soon ...

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    Emerg. Brake Light on


    goin about 95-100 on the highway. Slowed down rather fast for a min. to work around traffic. as soon as i hit the brakes, my emerg. brake light on the dash came on and has stayed on for the rest of yesterday and so far all today. I have an automatic and ive checked and checked the emer. brake - (even tho i never use it) How do i get it to go off?!?

    god i hate my car.

    -getting a newer f-bod soon hopefully !- but for now...

    thanks for checkin this thread out

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    Don't know the answer, but I'd check the fluid level...does the pedal feel the same? Here's a TTT for ya.

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    Might have a leak somewhere...when I bleed my brakes it comes on while I have the pedal down and bleeder open. Do you see fluid anywhere? Check the calipers and brake the mean time i'd be careful.

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    i dunno ill try and check it out. id hoped it would stop trippin out and just go off but seemings how it's still on is a problem...thnx for the replys...anyways how would i go about checking the calipers and brake lines...i have no clue on that shit....thnx....

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    maybe its just your emergency brake switch that is touching together. you might want to check that out. its inside your console

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