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Does the Air Box cut out really work?

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    Does the Air Box cut out really work?

    Does the Air Box cut out really work? Anyone who has done this please chime in!

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    Free ram air? Your filter will definitely get dirty faster.

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    I agree your filter will get dirty faster but on the same token it does work bc more air is getting into the engine. If your looking for a free quick mod it'll do the job.
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    Pros- more air coming in and cooler air at higher speeds.
    - It's free

    Cons- Dirty air filter. Hot air coming in when you're at a stop (heat soak).
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    Okay, so I have to clean my filter a little more often.
    I've never dynoed my car at 0mph (idle), so for me, a little heat build up at stop lights, is more than worth it in gains I get from my K&N filter, when my car is at speed.

    My airbox cutout has served me well.

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    Are you installing a lid as well? Just out of curiousity. Cause if not, shave the ridges out of the airbox to smooth your airflow

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    My car is bone stock. Yesterday I installed the SLP flowpac ( Cold/Ram Air, BlackWing Filter, SLP Lid and smooth bellows). Holy SHIT what a difference.

    Feels much stonger now. Worth the money

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    ok... Free Ram Air... notes follow:

    1) don't just cut the bottom of the airboxy thingy. Cut a nice hole in your radiator shroud too or else it's a waste.
    2) you will get cooler air at low speed which might be worth um... 5hp?
    3) combine this mod w/ other simple free mods like de-screening your MAF, porting your throttlebody, cutting off the EGR tube on older LS1s
    4) and throw down a few bucks for a lid, K&N, smooth bellows, etc.
    5) at higher speeds... 70mph+ you will DEFINITELY feel a difference - In my Z28A4, I could scream from 70-120 in probably 6 seconds and I had 2.73s. In fact, it probably took me less time to go from 70-120 than 0-70.
    6) I drove my Z in Germany on the autobahn and the Free intake mods helped me smoke carrera 4s costing $80k-ish.
    7) Definitely recommended.
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    Yes it works

    Yes it works.
    This is what you what I would do, because I have done it before.
    If you are not worried about the warranty or plan to buy stock parts if you have to take the car in to a dealer.
    Then cut it, but make it nice. Also a K & N filter would be an extra. There are some tutorials on the net on how to do it. Google LS1 free mods or something. Next pop out your screen from your mass airflow sensor but be carefull not to damage it, again seach on the net. If you want a lid without buying one or just to be a sleeper, drill a hole on the bottom of each side of your silencers, that what I call the two big sections on each side, and fill it with liquid foam available at home depot, make sure to remove the sensor and relocate it if neccesary, use a cut opened soda can to keep the foam from getting into the actual air path, and trim the foam if neccesary, port your factory throttle body, do the egr mod if you have the older intake & if you have ram air "hood", use some shims to raise the air box a little it helps get better air to the box, also widen the entrance from the ram air hood "under side" to get a little more airflow using a dremel. And finaly do the throttlebody bypass mod. All this should be worth in the neighbourhood of 20+ horses to the wheels while looking stock.

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    do it and get a lid. good combo.

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