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Cheap EBay Brake Rotors

This is a discussion on Cheap EBay Brake Rotors within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I'm looking at replacing my warped front rotors. Are the cheap EBay rotors as good as the cheap ass OEM ...

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    Jeff Florian

    Cheap EBay Brake Rotors

    I'm looking at replacing my warped front rotors. Are the cheap EBay rotors as good as the cheap ass OEM rotors? They have a full set of 4 cross drilled and slotted rotors (I don't need to debate the theory) for $129 plus $35 shipping.

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    that is dirt cheap. i dont know how good they really are. i would stay away unless someone else on here has bought them and are satisfied.

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    Blown, Stroked, & Sprayed

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    I would just go with AutoZone rotors.
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    Should you really want guality rotors go here. No they are not real cheap, but the quality is there.

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    Jeff Florian
    Quote Originally Posted by bigrondownhiller
    that is dirt cheap. i dont know how good they really are. i would stay away unless someone else on here has bought them and are satisfied.
    That is why I posted. I am hoping some of the buyers can give me 1st hand feedback, good or bad.

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    Yeah, I have them. The previous owner bought them and installed them. That have worked really good but they crack as soon as you hit a water puddle after some highway speed stopping. I have put 12000 miles on mine since I have owned the car and they still work fine (Yes they are still cracked and yes, I know that is bad.) However, when I had new tyres put on, I noticed that a couple of cracks have actually went completely through the rotor. Before they were only surface cracks, and now they are actually "cracked." Oh, and I only have front rotors, I don't know about the back. I am going to replace mine soon but I was just wondering if the slotted drilled actually perform any better than the stock ones. Hope this helps.

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    When I first got my car all the rotors where warped and some workshop moron had fitted new pads to them. So I got new front rotors from a guy in the UK £80 ($144 a pair) but he wanted £125 each for the rears ($450 a pair)

    So I bought cheap ones from at $64 a pair and even with $122 to the UK for shipping it came to $186

    They have been on the car 6 months now and are perfect no problem.

    I would steer clear of drilled and slotted ones as the warped ones that were on here were drilled and they must have been cheapo ones cause GM don't fit drilled rotors!

    I will try and find the guys Ebay user name if I can.

    Consider it $old & Auto Accessory Supply LLC

    This is who I paid my payment too but I cant find him on now!
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    I bought my rotors and brake pads on ebay for cheap. About $280 for the rotors and $90 for Axxis Metal Master brake pads (although stock is ceramic, semi-metallic lasts longer). I chose a specific person that was selling i-Rotors, which was like $20 more than the cheapest on Ebay. Try to find someone that says they CNC their drills, because it prevents cracking, which is a possibility to occur. Slots are slots. Don't get a pair of brakes that have been drilled a shitload, because that's comprimising it's durability too much. Also, zinc-coating helps prevent rust. I've had mine for about a year now with 1500 miles and they are just like when I bought them. Sometimes they don't look as shiny, but that's because they've been worn a little bit. The best work-out I gave them was going 125 MPH and almost missing my turn. I easily slowed down from 125 to 25, and the only down-side was that it reaked of brake pads after i parked, but that'll happen. If you want me to refer you to the guy who sold me them, give me a PM.

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