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Changed Opti Car idle is High 1500 range With oil leak

This is a discussion on Changed Opti Car idle is High 1500 range With oil leak within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hello all hear is my story I drove from west palm beach to Orlando about 166 miles and the car ...

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    Changed Opti Car idle is High 1500 range With oil leak

    Hello all hear is my story

    I drove from west palm beach to Orlando about 166 miles and the car was running rough when I got to Orlando, it was fluttering like starving for gas, I knew I needed a tune up so I went to Pep boys and had it done for 339.00. After I got the car back it was doing the same thing, I called them up and they said it would be best to have a diagnostic ran on it before you do anything else. I said great now I have to pay for that too? They said no we will do it for free. It turns out my Opti spark distributor was bad and needed to be replaced, I asked them how much and their reply was 717.00 for the job. LMAO I said ok thanks and went over to autozone to buy an opti. Auto zone also did a code check and said that I needed an MAF sensor so I bought that and changed it for 138.00 when I got home and started I then found out why it was so expensive to change out not to mention the parts itself at 275.00.

    Anyway I changed it out and put it all back together to only discover 3 things.
    1. I have an oil leak (oil leak was there previously but now worse, its like just constantly dripping like if you were to take a eyedrop dropper and constantly keep dripping the liquid)
    2. The car Idle is at 1500 rpms after unscrewing the Idle screw all the way down.
    3. running straight water The car is overheating at an idle

    I took off the water pump to locate the oil leak because of the shaft that turns the water pump was missing the O rings, I installed the O rings and put the pump back on, I took the thermostat out and put the housing back on refilled it with water and the car over heated not to mention water spued out from the housing as well because i did not put the little rubber gasket on when i took the thermostat out.

    I read up on lowering the Idle and I took both PCM fuses out, put them back in and then let the car idle for 5 minutes then put it in drive and let it idle for 5 minutes and shut it off but the idle did not lower any.

    The car is stil overheating and the fans are coming on when it reaches 260 degrees.

    I am really pissed about spending close to $1000.00 on everything and have the car F'ed up like this still.

    Any suggestions? I jacked it up and looked underneath to find the oil leak but only thing I saw was under the crank case is a 10mm bolt and a electric plug plugging into it and under the pully there was some oil but I did not see where it was spuing from now underneath the distributor cap on the white part is some oil.

    What can I do with out taking it to some shop to get ripped off again


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    Opti spark and Oil Leak

    BTW I have a 1996 Camaro Z28


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