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can a 4th gen F-body be towed safely w/ a non flatbed truck

This is a discussion on can a 4th gen F-body be towed safely w/ a non flatbed truck within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; can a 4th gen F-body be towed safely w/ a none flatbed truck? I'm having the rear end repaired so ...

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    can a 4th gen F-body be towed safely w/ a non flatbed truck

    can a 4th gen F-body be towed safely w/ a none flatbed truck?
    I'm having the rear end repaired so the car will have to be lifted from the back, since the front end is so low is there a possiability of damage to front end?

    I searched didn't find much did read the 5 gens are susposed to be towed w/ all wheels off the ground.

    I've been pricing tow trucks it seams the price has doubled since the last time I had to have the TA towed.

    aren't tow trucks regulated like taxie cabs are like taxies can only charge X amount?

    anyway if it is safe on a none flatbed I could save a few dollars.

    edit:I'm thinking the only way to get a F-body onto a flatbed is to drag it from the back

    because the front is so low and there's no tow hook is this true or false?

    if true is there a actualle tow hook on the back?

    edit2: is it possiable to jack up the back of the car and roll a U=haul tow dolly under the rear wheels?
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    Flat bed only as far as I'm concerned. Even at stock ride height the cars are too low to hook and pull from the back without a pretty good risk of scraping and gouging something on the front. As far as I know not really anything to hook from the front either unless they drive the front tires up onto a dolly.

    They are even a pain in the butt to pull onto a normal flat bed trailer if the approach angle isn't nearly flat. Nose just sticks out too far past the front tires. I have to go through a bunch of extra steps with a car like that when I use the open trailer, jacking up the tongue of the trailer, putting the ramps on extensions, etc make the approach as level and as long as possible. The winch cable poses another set of issues if I have to reach out past the ramps to grab the car, as the cable will rub the bottom of the nose and air dam before the front of the car actually raises as it comes up the ramps.

    Enclosed trailer it rolls right in no problem.
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    99 ws6

    OK Thanks FBJ you are the Man

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    Flatbed gets my vote as well. The times I've had my car towed, flatbed.

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    Even with our trailer, I have to lay down a pair of 2x6's that are about 4' long to keep the nose from touching the ramp. I always use to drive it onto the ramp and then hook up the winch cable to ease it on the rest of the way. Lately though, I have simply been driving it on with some assistance. The car is so wide that I have probably less than 2" of clearance between the tire sidewall and the trailer's inner fender on each side.

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    Flatbed only. And you have to be careful even with the FB.
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    Def flatbed and use some 2x4's under the tires to get some extra ground clearance.
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    As far as safely i guess I'm odd man out but i had mine towed from the rear without issue once when i needed it.
    Car Was lowered at the time and the guy raised the rear then brought it back down to give the front some height back.

    He assured me it would be fine and it ended up being. I only was about 5 miles of highway out from my house though so depending on roads it may be different story for yall.

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    Definitely can be towed not on a flatbed.
    The 2 times mine had been towed have both been conventional tows. Front lifted, back on the ground. No damage from the tow.
    My car is not lowered and on stock wheels.
    Hope that helps.

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