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A/C Pressure Switch Re[lacement Help

This is a discussion on A/C Pressure Switch Re[lacement Help within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Good Afternoon All, I am in need of replacing the Air Cond pressure switch on the 1998 WS6 T/A. Not ...

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    Red face A/C Pressure Switch Re[lacement Help

    Good Afternoon All,
    I am in need of replacing the Air Cond pressure switch on the 1998 WS6 T/A.
    Not just the switch but also the wiring harness that plugs into the switch.
    The real issue is, the new wiring harness comes with 3 pretty new White wires.
    The original harness has 1 black, 1 white and 1 red wire.
    How can I tell which wire to connect to where since it's not color coded?
    With color code wires this would be a 10 min job. Without, it becomes a job that looks to me to require
    an ohm gauge or the like AND the knowledge to connect and read it correctly.
    Anyone else had this issue yet?
    YES, RATS made a bed under the hood and I'm very lucky this is all they decided to eat.
    The 3 wires connecting to the switch.
    I would post a photo but have no idea how to do that here either. :-)
    It's tough to be ignorant.
    Is there a U tube video available for this that anyone is aware of.
    Thanks in advance for any help available.
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    This T/A WS6 is Factory modified by ASC at the Lachine facility on March 13, 1998 and is identified to be
    ASC build #206.
    We took delivery from Pontiac dealer April 7th, 1998.
    ASC Factory letter provided from them.

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    If you cannot tell which wires attach to which pin in the new connector, use a DVOM to trace them. Once traced, mark each white wire as to what pin it connects to. Then simply cut out the original connector and repeat the process to match the pins to the colored wires. Now you know how to wire it.

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