Hello everyone, I would just like to pass on a recent buying experience since many of you probably have seen Morrison Motor Cars ads in Hemmings and elsewhere. They have many F-body cars for sale near Charlotte. I am not affiliated with them in any way whatsoever other than my recent buying experience. I live three hours away from the Charlotte area. First off their place is like a museum. The selection of mostly muscle cars is special. Next, leave your trade-in at home unless you just want to dump it at wholesale trade-in value. Do NOT expect to dicker either. Their prices are rather firm and they will let you walk right out the door without a counter-offer (first-hand experience and disappointing too). Their cars are honest, clean examples, no doubt in my mind at all. They are extremely polite and friendly and have a real knowledge of their products. That is refreshing to me. How many times have we been to lots where the salesmen know absolutely NOTHING about their own cars. In conclusion, really nice cars are offered but expect to pay. I wish I could have bought about 3 F-bodies there including that '97 LT4 but we are all in the same financial boat. It is fun just to browse their web site. Here is the link www.morrisonmotorco.comand I hope I have helped anyone seriously thinking about a visit there.