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Brake Pads/Rotors

This is a discussion on Brake Pads/Rotors within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I'm sure that this topic has been beat to death, but I am looking at a rotor upgrade on my ...

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    Brake Pads/Rotors

    I'm sure that this topic has been beat to death, but I am looking at a rotor upgrade on my 01 Z28. My stock ones have warped and they were already cu once by the dealership so there done. I like the Powerslots, and from what I have read in my searches alot of people like them. I am looking for just a mild upgrade nothing exotic I drive my car everyday, and I don;t want anything that is only going to last 15,000 miles or the company will be defunct by the next time I need to replace the brakes. the Powerslots seem to fit that. My question is can I use stock brake pads with them? or a aftermarket OEM replacement? Later on down the road I would like to upgrade to som performance pads but my stock ones have a lot of miles left in them, and would save me a decent omount of money if I could use them over. They don't appear to be glazed or cracked so they're good to go. Also I was looking in Summit, and they do have front and rear sets for the Camaro/Firebird but when I narrowed the search down to my particular make and model and clicked on the ABS option the rear rotor disapeared. Can the powerslots be used front and rear on a stock 01 Z28 with 4 wheel ABS could that be just a glitch or are the rear rotors different? as far as I am aware the 01 all had 4 wheel ABS. any info would be greatly apprecited.


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    Hey man...Powerslots are great...high quality...good stuff.....BAER sucks donkey balls....
    As for the pads...NAPA Ceramix...hands down winner.....

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    I use AutoZone rotors and OEM pads.
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    Wholesale Direct Parts is running a sale for power slot cross drilled/slotted rotors and pads for 299 shipped. There number is 7146668585. The sale runs till Nov 11th. Not a bad price. Getting ready to order me a set for my 00 SS.

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    I would get just slotted, not drilled.

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