I've been havin trouble with the TA blowing headlights.If you start the car cold and put the headlights on while its still warming up it blows the lights out at 1st i thought it was just a worn out headlamp but it happened again.I also notice the voltage is up over 15 for a long time after you start cold...then after 10 miles or so it comes down to 14+.Also sometimes driving the lights will blink or flash or dim...hard to say WTF they are doing its so fast.I though they might be flashing because the air pump is starting up but from what i read i'm not sure if this is true.Anyone else have these kinds of problems?The charging system-batt seems fine.The voltage gauge in the dash never goes up into the red but the PCM maybe averaging its reading so what you see is not real time readings.If someone knows for sure if the PCM does this please speak up.TY