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Advice needed! Prices, shipping...

This is a discussion on Advice needed! Prices, shipping... within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I need a few advice's and I hope you can help me. I will come to the USA on vacation ...

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    Advice needed! Prices, shipping...

    I need a few advice's and I hope you can help me.
    I will come to the USA on vacation from 6/8-6/18- can't wait to the the country . I start in Chicago and then I want to drive to New York- ok, now the though part. I want to buy a WS6 in Chicago- drive with this car then to NY and from there ship it to germany.
    My first question- did I need special plates to drive with the car to NY? If, where can I get them?
    I need some links to find used cars- I already know
    I want a stock WS6 2000-02 Black, Manual with <60k miles, maybe a vert for about 18-19k$- will I find a WS6 for this price?

    I hope you can help me- sorry for my english.

    Thx in adance and greetings from germany

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    If you want to license it in Chicago-those Illinois state plates will be good throughout the US. You will have to pay sales tax and licensing fees,various inspections ,etc. Lots of time and hassle for such a short(relatively) trip. I'm thinking there is a way around this if the car is basically being transported out of the country from Chicago,with you driving it to the place of shipping. I'm thinking you can possible bypass the whole license thing,just get it titled in your name and get TEMP (temporary) tags. This would allow you drive for 30 days (I live in Missouri,right next to Illinois but different rules) but you will have to check with Illinois Highway Patrol for the specifics. I believe this way you won't have to pay sales tax or go through all the inspections, just title and registration, and drive away. Not sure who to contact to get verification on this,but I would try the Illinois Highway Patrol division of motor vehicles and tell them what you are trying to do. Maybe there is an international waiver thing also,I've seen plates that weren't for any specific state also. Hope any of this helps-and enjoy your trip,sounds exciting.

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