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95 Z28 idle problems

This is a discussion on 95 Z28 idle problems within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; im new so be gentle...made a few changes to stock LT1 , installed headers, did away with cat convertor and ...

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    95 Z28 idle problems

    im new so be gentle...made a few changes to stock LT1 , installed headers, did away with cat convertor and smog pump...runs fine when cold for about 10 minutes then loads up like its wires, plugs installed..
    new O2 sensors as well....after it runs poorly at idle it wil start surging and if i increase rpm's it seems to run fine until the rpms get above 3 to 4 grand then it will act as if starving for fuel , but even the high rpm problem is not consistent, sometimes it runs ok , other times it starts the sputtering.
    but main issue is after it warms up, runs fine when cold....
    please advise as this is making me older and wanting to nuke the car.
    one other note...when i backoff at high rpms sometimes it will backfire


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    you said youre ignition wires are new so i assume that is not an issue; check inside youre ignition coil tower and make sure there is not any corrosion in there an orignal 11 year old ignition coil could be all that is wrong. if youre coil is clean, it can still be bad unless it is new or replaced recently. after ruling out the possibilty of a bad coil i would assume that youre opti-spark distributor is failing. this can be for a few reasons;first if it is original from old age,second if you have washed or hosed youre engine or driven through any deep puddles ; its not hard to get water in there and cause permanent damage to it. i am an pontiac mechanic and have replaced more of these opti-spark distributors than i can remember. these distributors are notorious for acting up intermittantly like you have described. if you are going to change it you have a few options original delco and accel, and msd, also offer a high performance opti-spark alternative to a stock distributor. also since youre distributor is under the water pump and the pump has to be removed for access make sure the water pump is not leaking coolant onto distributor before replacing it so it wont fail again anytime soon. good luck; its not as hard as youre headers were to install so you should not have much problems doing this job; if you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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    00 Z28 sold :-(


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