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6speed manual vs. 4speed auto

This is a discussion on 6speed manual vs. 4speed auto within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Alright guys, within the next couple of months I will be looking to buy a 98+ Trans Am or Camaro ...

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    6speed manual vs. 4speed auto

    Alright guys, within the next couple of months I will be looking to buy a 98+ Trans Am or Camaro z28/SS. I know they made way more autos than manuals so I want to know the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

    Also a few questions...

    -I'm sure that the auto accelerates slower than the 6speed but is it significant?

    -Since all it takes to redline the engine in an auto is a heavy foot, do the autos tend to be more abused than the manuals?

    -Lastly, Is it worth it to look longer and harder to find a 6 speed?


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    This will probaly start a flame war!!!
    The autos are a good deal slower stock. If you throw a stall and get a programmer to firm and speed up the shifts it's much closer. The auto will still have more drive train loss so without any other mods it will always be slower than the 6 speed.

    I have a 6 speed because I think it is more fun on the street and is faster stock. I mainly drive on the street and get bored with an auto. If you want to mainly drag race then an auto is the way to go due to faster shifting if it is built properly and better consistancy. In the end it's what you want to do and what you like to drive.

    It's an F-body and both will be beat on. It's just about who the previous owners were and how they took care of the car.

    I vote for the 6-Speed T/A, but I'm a bit biased. This is my third one! IMO They are a lot meaner looking than a Camaro, but both are nice. I also think you should keep an eye out for a deal on a C5 Vette or a 05 GTO. You can find good deals on them too. Seeing you didn't buy anything yet make sure you drive everything you can. Even the Mach1's and 03 up Cobra's if you dare. I think it's always good to know what the competition offers. Good luck on your search!!!

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    I'm always happier with a stick shift vehicle,just my personal preference. However if you live somewhere with perpetual traffic jams and this will be your daily driver-definetly want the auto matic. It's tiring to have to slip the clutch and creep forward constantly with the auto ppl.
    The few cars that I've had that were auto I've always shifted them manually anyway,I feel like I know more about what I want the car to do than the damn machine does.
    Having said that though, after having read some of the ways people drive their stickshift cars,some people shouldn't have them. I still remember the guy who couldn't figure out why his car wouldn't accelerate properly floored at 10 mph in 6th (double overdrive) gear. He didn't want to have to reach over and shift it! Ha-if this doesn't make sense to you either-then get an automatic and continue driving with head planted up ass.
    I like to be involved in the driving process-if you don't want to be involved with driving your car and would rather sit there and look pretty-then get an automatic-just my .02-thank you.

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    I lucked up and a M6 basically fell into my lap. I would have preferred an automatic at first, but now that I've adjusted, I'm glad I went with the six-speed. I would NOT turn down either one.

    The manual has an irritating skip shift feature. If you start off very slowly in first and try to shift when the "skip shift" light is on, the shift pattern forces you into fourth rather than second. There is a $20 part to eliminate this %$#*@# feature, but you can side-step it by giving the car a little gas in first and the light goes away, allowing normal shifting. It's just one of those little quirks designed into a car that makes you wonder if someone was having an LSD flashback!!! If you drive fast, you'll never notice the skip shift since it only happens at stop and go speeds.

    Final answer: I would prefer the manual, but don't turn down a deal on an automatic. Some stall work will significantly improve it.

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    I definately agree with the traffic issue. If there is a lot of bumper to bumper going on in your commute, go auto. If not, I'd go 6 speed. They are a hell of a lot of fun, and gas mileage is better. 6th on the highway has netted me close to 30 MPG!

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    Both are great, I own a automatic and it's just as fast as my buddies 98 Z-28 with the 6-speed. I'm swapping this tranny out for a T-56 though because I hate automatics, to me they are boring to drive. Don't get me wrong though it's been a great transmission and runs strong but the feel of going through the gears gets me all excited. Keep in mind, a stalled A4 with a good gear is a monster down low but the M6 is the faster one up top.

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    Auto will be slower, but its not a great deal at all. The more power you add, less and less it gets. A VERY good driver can be faster in an M6, but the auto will always shift perfect and quicker than any human. I also hear that it is more reliable, but I think that is because it does not put as much shock on the rear end than the M6 is capable of. But a TC cancels that out.

    I just got my first stick, Acura TSX, I will never go back to automatics. My z28 is an auto, and I plan on changing that as soon as I can. Manuals are so much more fun to drive even when you are not racing. Bumper to bumper sucks... either way, but worse in a stick.

    I would look at Vettes depending on price but do not look at GTOs (read: Holden Monaro, not a GTO). My choice is a Camaro, I think it looks more slick. T/A looks more aggressive, depends on your preference.

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    thanks for all the advice guys......I am really looking into either a Camaro or a Trans am. I doubt I could afford a vette or a gto. I bring home around 1500 a month after taxes and I'm sure I could make all the payment if I get a decent Camaro or TA around 15. From what I hear I don't think I am going to go out of my way to find a 6speed but seriously, thanks for all the advice guys, it is greatly appreciated.

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