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2000 Z28 what king of gas

This is a discussion on 2000 Z28 what king of gas within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Right on toneloc i'v been running 87 in my 00ss runs great. No knock ,no pings just runs great and ...

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    Right on toneloc i'v been running 87 in my 00ss runs great. No knock ,no pings just runs great and it dos'nt foul the plugs.

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    Any gas will make a motor run but there is a difference between better quality gas and crap gas. My first car was a 90 dodge daytona (dont ever buy one!!!) it had really shitty injectors in it but i could always tell when i put the really shitty gas in because it would studder so damn bad! For example when i ran higher quality gas it wouldnt do it and the 87 octane would make it run even worse! Gas city was the worst i found in my car along with thortons. Phillips 66, Amoco, Mobile 1, Shell, and believe it or not but Clarke gas made my car run better compared to the others. But thats just my experience.

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    This has been on the news and in news papers dozens of times over the years. And all the test/reports that I can remember have come up with the same result. The labels and blurbs in the owners manuals and on the gas doors/caps that state a car must be run on premium gas is BS. Some cars may require premium fuel for optimum performance, but running you car on 87 is not going to kill it. Last time I checked my Camaro didn't have a turbo, variable valve timming, ultra high compression, or a supercharger. My first car was a 70 Volkswagen beetle, (don't laugh it was a good car) which I put @70k on it running 87 only. You were supposed to run the car on like 89-91 octane gas and that car went over 200k in it's lifetime on 87 with cylinder heads that were designed for leaded gas and it's still running. The TPI 350 in my 55 wagon is supposed to run on 91, again only 87 and it still runs like a swiss watch. I've run my 01 M6 Z28 on everything from 87 to 93 and the only difference I've seen, is that the lower octane requires a sligtly higher rpms when taking off or when you down shift and take off going around a corner before it starts to dog down. I'm not worried, if the engine take a dump, and the technician that rebuilds it can convince me that it was because it was from lower octane gas than maybe I'll change my opinion. But then again, I'm just going by what I've heard. That in mind I wont be setting any land speed records or blasting down the 1/4 running 87, but for just driving around it doesn't matter

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    I like how we have a real consensus on this... heh

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    I won't consider running anything but 91 or higher in my car.With that high a compression ratio it needs it.The knock sensors will kill timing to compensate for lower octane so it won't ping-but IMHO why would you kill performance in your car when all you here from ppl on this forum is performance?All the hotrod equipment you put on your car and you are worried about saving $2.40 a tank full?For me thats less than$90 a year in my car-actually less because I gas up at a station less than a mile from my house w/only .10 cents difference between 87 and 93 octane.Then for me thats less than $45 a year.Small price to pay to keep the detonation from pounding the bearings into tinfoil.Do the math .10.5 to 1 compression is high- and it's that way for performance.Higher than that would require race fuel.
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