Attention all 98 f bodies!!!!

I have found one more thing that makes are yr unique. We all know we have the metal fuel tank. Now the sending unit gasket is also unique to that tank. I discovered this when the gasket that came with the Delphi sending unit & pump that I replaced in July is thinner and smaller then my oem one. Last weekend I had to go back in and make an adjustment to the float , it kept catching a baffle, and discovered my oem ring has a small tear which is allowing for a small leak when the system charges. I looked for a replacement from all the parts stores and like always it not available. Only online like RockAuto, ebay, hell even Amazon had it.

Looked up the part number on GMPartsdirect and found one. $8. However they also have a handling fee which brought it up another $15.

Called my local dealership expecting to get raked over the coals but got it for $13.10 and no shipping.

GM Part Num 10152293

The gasket that came in the new pump that was specifically for a 98 LS1 F body came with the 99< gasket.