Planning on doing a 370ci lq4 with Thunder Racings Raptor cam 236/242 617/613 111+2, LS-6 heads with .650 lift Patriot springs, ls6 intake with 36lb/hr or 42 lb/hr injectors, Fast will be added later............havent decided on rods and piston combo yet but it will have nitrous on it so i need a little help from you guys. Id like it to hold a 200 shot at the very most. Ill most likely spray 150 or 125 and keep it moderate. What compression are you guys running on the juice ? I am thinking 10.5 to 11.1 would be perfect and what should i expect to the tire with a 3500 tci stalled a4. off spray and on a 150, just in the ballpark guess. Please list your 370ci build with track numbers and dyno results. Thanks