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road courses with open track days

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killer_bluebird View Post
    The price is not bad as long as you don't have an accident. I remember reading about how much you have to pay in the event you wreck your car in the track. Since it is considered a public road traffic laws apply and some insurance companies exclude coverage for trips to the ring so check your policy and any pertaining information carefully. Here is a quote form wikipedia: "The costs can also be prohibitive with vehicle recovery, track closure penalties and armco repairs putting some unfortunates up to 15,000 out-of-pocket."
    Tracks are not considered public roads at all. And MOST if not all exclude tracking a car. Go tell your insurance agent your vette is going to be heavily or occasionally tracked, and watch your premiums sky rocket!

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    The ring is considered a public road. But most policies and rentals companies exclude the ring or do so if there is any evidence that the driver was timing himself.

    In the US all insurance companies exclude covering participation in a timed performance event. Timed being the operative word but they will cover performance schools and some will also cover open track days (so long as there is no timing equipment involved). Those companies will cover any damage in case of an incident then promptly drop you. Note that since drag racing (whether you are at a T&T or actually competing) is always timed it is always excluded and never covered.

    Other cheap insurance companies will drop you if there is any indication that the insured car is used in any other way other than transportation. They will drop you if your car is modded in any way whether it is raced or not. An some like Geico Ins. will frequently check auto-X websites and if they find a policy holder involved they send them a letter and will drop them. So if you are doing a track day or a performance school look over your policy documents with a fine tooth comb especially the exclusion sections.

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    In Massachusetts, insurance will not cover damage on a closed course even if it is not timed.
    The laws vary state to state. Sometimes if you want to play you gotta pay.
    In the Northeast, check out This is a great, safe way to get out on the track.

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    So I just noticed, and that's a funny picture with the driver t-top off to make room for your helmet I'm guessing. It's always nice to see cars driven how they were meant to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAGUAR5822 View Post
    I would wait for an experienced track junky to step in, but I would say if you're only doing a few laps, depending on the course you could get the 98+ swap done, steel braided lines, and an aggressive brake pad and be fine.
    Been open tracking a 4th gen since 98 and racing a 4th gen wheel to wheel since 05. While maybe not the most experienced, I am definitely a junky!

    From a couple weekends ago ...

    Raced this guy like this for a full 1/2 hour. Came down to the chess game of who passed who and where on the final lap. I lost that game, but it was a heckuva lot of fun.

    And I'm using $60 98+ 12" Wagner rotors from Autozone, $130 XP10 Carbotech pads and C5 calipers at $90 each on the front. Stock 95 rear calipers and rotors. No cooling ducts.

    As you can see, the brakes were working great at the end of 30 hard minutes of track duty.

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