I'm watching the NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductees on my favorite channel, The Speed Channel. Tonight Dale Inman, Glen Wood, Cale Yarborough, Darrell Waltrip, and Richie Evans from NASCAR modifieds. I didn't watch much of the modifieds. I was impressed by the colorful stories especially Cale Yarborough's when he said he started out working in Holman Moody's shop sweeping the floor for $1.25 an hour. I liked his story about buying the cans of black eyed peas for ten cents a can, it was funny. I loved Glen Wood's story about talking slow and his saying about the event "it's a long way from the corn field" funny. I was a kid in the sixtys and loved NASCAR then with the serious factory competitions. These guys were my childhood heros. Richard Petty and Ned Jarratt must be the two most humble men in the sport.