Hi all, I have a 2002 C5 Corvette LS6 383 stroker, crane cam, OEM intake, 2004 valley cover, OEM valve covers and headers that I have quite a lot of crankcase vapors coming out of the valve covers, but not so much oil residue in the valley cover CC. I have a catch can installed on both valve covers and the valley cover, so 3 ccans and still get blow by past valve cover cans. The valve cover cans are vented to the atmosphere but I get oil out of the exit of the cans. The car is a track car so it lives at full throttle and hi revs.
Would a mighty mouse CC or similar be a good solution? I have a cheapo can on both valve covers now. Also, is there a valve cover, or modifying the OEM valve covers that would help with this? Thanks!