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any drifters in the mix

This is a discussion on any drifters in the mix within the Road Racing / AutoX forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Originally Posted by mark21742 man I wish there was something like this going on around and my goat are ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark21742 View Post
    man I wish there was something like this going on around and my goat are itching to try it out
    hey also to make you feel more comfy drifting get yourself a small deep racing seat and a set of 3" 5 point harnesses and the straps as tight as you can get them.....that will make you and the car more like one! throw in an adjustable proportioning valve (preferably 4 way lever operated) mounted by the shifter
    if you want to go even farther you can mount a seprate lever operated mastercylinder on the trans tunnel to work just the rear brakes

    hope yall have have a blast!
    yeah i wish there was more out here that wants to drift i love seeing them..

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    i know that the gto did well in the pro drift class for a bit and a mustang won it all one year, on that same teme thare was a 69 camaro. i was into the import stuff for a long time but never got into the drift stuff it was never close to my neck of the woods

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    You can drift a camaro or firebird

    I cannot understand why no one thinks you can drift a camaro or firebird. You most definitely can. You will have to make mods if you want to compete in the advanced class, but that is true for any car. At least you already have the LS1 installed in the car, which in of itself will save you a ton on money.

    These are the mods necessary for drifting a camaro. 1. Need more steeering angle, 2. Need to control the tendency of the car to snap back on throttle lift.

    The first can be done with aftermarket spindles available from or from PA racing. The second can be done by using a stiff torque arm and stiff torque arm bushing and rear coilovers with adjustable rebound. Lowering the car also helps, but the lower you go, the more modifications you will need to make. Note, you can drift quite well with a torque arm. It should be noted that the problem with IRS suspensions is that they do not grip enough on throttle lift. So other cars have a similar problem, just in a different way (That is why you see large rear wings on IRS cars, but not on solid rear axle cars). I am convinced that the best suspension for a drift car is neither the torque arm nor the IRS, but the old truck arm system used on NASCAR racecars.

    On a second note, STAY AWAY from anything extravagant, like a "decoupling torque arm". I speak from experience.

    Then there are other things which are necessary on every drift car, stonger suspension components, stronger axles (a 12 bolt is a really good idea), and weight reduction.

    Anyhow, I really would like to see other people try drifiting F bodies. I would be glad to tell anyone what I have learned in my 3 years experience.

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