It's that time of year!

The event that racers from different regions comment on while you're at one of their races.

The event that set the different regions around us and clubs against each other in a day filled with excitement of Class/PAX competition and elimination.

Those who have been last year, the plan is roughly the same; as i'm sure this post will be edited by Dan or Eric on new details, there are still some things to be worked out but lots of the details remain the same.

Steel Cities Region SCCA TOOK the trophy last year and have been smug about it all year, we (NORA) need to gather up all our skill and get it back!


– Normal challenge formats pit equal amounts of cars per class against one another for points. With numerous clubs, that gets tricky, so we’re going to score by LOWEST COMBINED TEAM PAX.

- Using standard SCCA PAX numbers, we’ll take The BEST 15 PAX times for EACH club, add them together, with the lowest combined PAX time winning outright. This will hopefully reward depth of club performance.


- Pre-reg and pre-pay are REQUIRED. Please visit the following link to register.

- Cost is $25 for NORA members / $30 for non-NORA. If you also complete a NORA membership form, you will pay $25 for this event and all future events, versus $35 (we discounted non-NORA members for this event to encourage participation!). Having a NORA membership doesn’t prevent you from maintaining your other affiliations for the challenge event, but will just save you $$ when you run with us in the future!

- At this point, there is no registration cap, so bring the whole club. If necessary, we may cap each club at 50 participants

- The reg form will REQUIRE you to fill out a line stating your club affiliation

- Pre registration and pre-payment are available at


- Northfield Park is located approximately 15 minutes North of Akron or South of Cleveland on Rt. 8. It has the size to allow us to set it up for a BIG course.

Northfield Park Racetrack
10705 Northfield Road
Northfield, OH 44067

- Information regarding Northfield Park can be found here.


7:30 AM - Gates open and course opens for walking shortly after.

8:00 AM - Registration and Tech opens

9:15 AM - Registration Closed

9:30 AM - Tech closed

9:40 AM – Mandatory Driver’s meeting

10:00 AM - First car off!

More details will be added so check this thread often, now get out there and smack down til you convinced them to come and try to beat us!