well i ran yesterday and today at atco.

3260 race weight ET Streets at 11 psi and minor spin, hope i can get my buddy to send me the vid.

no sure on DA but know the BAR was a lil over 30.0

here they are 11.81 was yesterday and the 11.83 was today

RT- .409
60'- 1.597
330- 4.872
1/8- 7.572
MPH- 87.85
1000- 9.884
1/4- 11.812
MPH- 117.63

RT- .278
60'- 1.614
330- 4.901
1/8- 7.590
MPH- 88.18
1000- 9.898
1/4- 11.830
MPH- 117.16

Check my cardomain for mods. almost full bolt ons minus water pump, kmember,a arms,race bat., and TA

the sus is from Dynamic motorsports and is a road race sus, car is lowered and set up for twistys

took a few runs to man up and dump it at 5k since i have an aluminum flywheel.

but anyway on these runs, they were dumped from 5k and shifting at 6400. ET Streets at 11 psi.

temp was around high 50s both nites and low humidity.

anything else im missing to say or have general ?s feel free to ask