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Fast or Slow?

This is a discussion on Fast or Slow? within the Drag Racing forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Here's my timeslip followed by some mods: Suggestions Please! 60' 2.08 330 5.62 1/8 8.47 MPH 86.19 1000 10.9 1/4 ...

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    Fast or Slow?

    Here's my timeslip followed by some mods: Suggestions Please!
    60' 2.08
    330 5.62
    1/8 8.47
    MPH 86.19
    1000 10.9
    1/4 12.89
    MPH 110.07

    Mods: 01 T/A. Lid/filter, Longtubes w/3'', A4 Trans-Go, 3.73, Predator Tuning, subframes/traction brackets, street tires, 1000 RPM Launch.

    From what I understand, Im suffering from lack of launch and traction. My mid to top-end seems strong. Should I be running faster than this? Or is it just time for a stall converter & drag radials? (obviously along with a tranny & rearend to hold everything together) What size stall would you recommend on stock cam?

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    I feel you should be closer to 12.4's maybe a little faster. You are right though, can't put sticky tires with the stock 10 bolt. That is what is holding you back. Might be able to squeeze out 2 more tens with practice but... With an Auto Trans, practice doesn’t do much.

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    you should be more in the mid 12s. lower you 60' and youll be there.
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    Horsepower is how fast you go, Torque is how fast you get there. If you can get your 60's down you will run faster times. Try to lower the launch RPM's a bit to get more traction off the start.

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    Even running a stock cam...I am way under my peak torque at a 1000 rpm launch. The power in these cars come alive around 2800-3000 rpm. If your running a bigger cam, your powerband is even higher. Im already bogging out the whole way from 1000-3000 rpm on my launch. Whoever said to launch from a lower rpm has me clueless??? The only thing lower than a 1000 is pretty much bare idle, and that would just mean more bogging. What are some 60' foot examples from people who are running A4s on stock converter & street tires. I doubt your breaking below the 1.9 range. I was just asking for any other suggestions or comparable timeslips w/my mods. Im pretty convinced its just a matter of a 2600-3000 stall converter along with a rearend & tires to run low 12. I've seen some cars turn high 11's with good traction at my mph of 110.
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    Your mph is awesome for your mods. Get a set of MTDR's and a 3200 stall and you'll be close to 12.0's. I have cam,stall,long tubes and I was trapping at 110, well until the BGRA.(113)

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    Your times are obviously awesome. A 2.0 sec. 60' on street tires and the stock stall converter is something to brag about. With DR's and a more aggressive stall converter you'll run atleast mid 12's. I'm really appauled by your mph, as your car most be pumping over 350whp w/ your minimal mods.

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    I swear it's just a v6!
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    What tire are you running?

    Seems like a true street tire.... which means you are doing pretty good.
    You could probably launch higher on a street tire and feather it out.

    BF drags are quite nice, 255 50 16's (pick up salad shooter camaro wheels, they are the lightest).

    People LOVE the mickey thompson et street drag radials.... I'd wait on them if I was you.... if you get a converter then maybe look into the mickey thompson et street drag radials.
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    Thanks Bob. I agree the MPH is strong for a stock motor. I have an 02 that doesn't run anything like my 01. My Bone stock 01, which is the one that is modded now was turning 13.2 stock w/lid-filter combo. The dramatic increase of airflow with a full intake & exhaust system packaged with gears made a huge difference. My ET's are getting better simply because my topend power is a lot stronger. My bottom end times with the mods are close to stock because the more power I make the more I'm slipping through 1st & 2nd gear. If I can transfer all that torque & make it stick, I think this thing has 11.9 potential. My buddy traps his Buick GN at 111 MPH at 11.9. That car is much heavier than what I'm working with. I'm really impressed with the fact these motors are so responsive to simple bolt-on modifications. Thanks for all of the suggestions & letting me know where I stand comparison wise to other cars.

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