The next WCCC event of the 2007 drag racing season is Saturday, May 12th at 'The STRIP', at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This is the sixth event of the 2007 season. The LVMS track entry/tech card fee is $35 for car & driver, and $10 for each additional crewmember. WCCC registration fees continue to be $15.

The 5/12/07 LVMS event gate opening is expected to be at 2:00PM, and we will be running with the regularly scheduled Jerry's Nugget Series event and Test-and-tuners. You may be able to enter the track earlier, as there is a junior dragster event in the morning, scheduled to end at approx. 1:00PM. Last year we were able to get in by 2:00PM.

As in the past several years at LVMS, I have arranged for an hour of time trials exclusively for the Corvettes prior to the regularly scheduled event. The Corvettes will have the drag strip lanes to ourselves for as many time trial runs as we can get in from 4:00PM to 5:00PM. We will then join in with the regular Saturday night program with a Corvette-Only bracket. We will have three time trials between 5:00PM and approx. 7:30PM, then get into the elimination rounds.

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So let's hear who's going to be at 'The STRIP' at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Saturday May 12th... The drag strip at LVMS is a super track, and this event is always one of the highlights of the WCCC season. The Las Vegas Corvette Association / 'Vegas Vettes has a great group of folks that have always joined us for a fun night of drag racing and I hope to see them again this year.