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dont know if this would be the right place to post

This is a discussion on dont know if this would be the right place to post within the Drag Racing forums, part of the Racing Forums category; so the other day i was talking to a guy about my current car project. i was saying how i ...

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    dont know if this would be the right place to post

    so the other day i was talking to a guy about my current car project. i was saying how i was hoping to get into the 11's in the quarter mile. he then proceeded to tell me there was no way i could get into the 11's with out stroking my engine. he then said he had a 383 85 pickup that he just broke into the 13's. i laughed saying the with the tpi that was about right but with the ls1 you could get into the 11's with modifications. he rubbed it off saying that he could tell "when people are just blowing smoke". that pissed me off cause I'm not a ricer. any ways i cant seem to let it down. please tell me i wasn't "blowing smoke" here and ls1 with out being stroked can get in the 11's.

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    alot of people who play with early model engines and have no experience with the lsx series seem to highly underestimate the line-up but i assume that it all depends in how it is set up. a stroked lsx would get you there no problem other than building it i think and a stock cubed ls1 can get you there with proper suspension for launch and weight transfer but one of the biggest variables would be weight in my eyes. another is if the pickup is a drag strip only vehicle. but a suggestion would be to shop around on the engine unless you are dead set on an ls1 only. i hear you can get the ls6 for same price and a sizeable bump in power numbers(someone will chime in and correct if im wrong i hope lol). i would assume the truck would weigh quite a bit less if it were a drag only application and a built ls1 w/o juice or forced induction can get you where you want though. just make sure and get intrnals that will compliment eachother and ask plenty of questions along the way. good luck to your 11 second project.

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    There are guys on the site (most being automatics) that have their stock internal LS1's in the 11's. Of course, this would require excellent traction, very good DA and a full compliment of bolt ons. A cam swap + heads make hitting 11's much easier. With N2O and the right supporting mods, you can blast into the 10's on a stock cube LS1.

    There are plenty of folks out there that simply don't understand the power potential of many of today's motors. The LSx series is just one example. I have a C4 Corvette with the L98 TPI motor. At the time, the cars were pretty quick off of the showroom floor (14.0 @ 100 mph -- ballpark), however it took a ton of mods to get into the 12's and took an even more radical setup to break into the 11's. The same bolt ons to an A4 LS1-based f-body and you can find yourself knocking on the door to the 11's.

    Taking things a step further -- there are plenty of guys cruising around that have no idea how quick many of the turbo 4 and 6 cylinder cars can be -- the thought of getting raped by a Neon is something many people haven't come to terms with, however it can happen (and it doesn't take much in the way of mods for the SRT-4's to be absolutely sick from a roll).

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