Hello All

I am new to the forum and looking for some Wheel and Offset advise!!!!!

This might have been addressed B4 but I have not been able to locate the thread.

The wheels I want for my bird are VMR v710 - (Pictured in the link below) I have not been able to find a deep concave wheel that will bolt up to a firebird.

Wheel sizes and specs I want are,

Front Size - Bolt Pattern - Offset - Center Bore
VMR v710 19x10 5 x 120 25/38 72.6

VMR v710 19x11 - 5x120 25 72.6

Wheels can be seen @ the below link,

1/4 inch spacers around to convert from firebird lug pattern of 5X120.7 to VMR v710 rim lug pattern of 5x120.

Ok all any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Issues and concerns are appreciated.