I have a set of 50th Anniversary Edition Corvette rims (Tan with burgandy corvette symbol in the center caps) and tires that I may be willing to sell if anybody is interested. These are not perfect, but are in decent shape. Both fronts have a little bit of curb rash on the lip. Not too noticeable on one, but the other is easily visible from a couple feet away. The rear wheels are in perfect condition. However, one looks as if it may have a very slight bit of discoloration that isn't noticeable unless they are put side by side (It is a lighter pewter color).

The rear tires are Eagle F1 EMT's 274/40/18 with a guess of about 3-4/32 of tread left. The fronts are one Eagle F1 EMT 245/45/17, and one Continental 245/45/17 due to a blowout from what I was told. Both front tires have about 8-9/32 tread left. Nearly new with only 7,000 miles on them.

How much do you think they are worth? They're listed in parts for sale and only had a couple interested.