I originally was going to get some Goodyear GS-D3's, but due to some events out of my control, I had to get some other tires.

I just had my new tires installed last week, Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval's in 275/40/17. I have an actual Firestone retailer in my town, so I checked out their prices. Originally, they retailed for $202 a peice. The sales rep I talked to said they would price match any reputable competitor. So I asked if they would price match TireRack. He said even though TireRack isn't their competition, they would price match them. So I told him that TireRack is currently selling them for $147 a peice. So he price matched them to $150 a peice. Awesome! He didn't even ask for a print-out of their price. So I picked up four new tires.

I didn't have them installed at Firestone, had my mechanic do that. I didn't want to risk my car getting a joyride from some high school drop-out. The tread looks aggressive and is directional.

Man, these tires grip! As soon as I left my mechanic, I could deffinitly feel the difference on how wide these tires really are. It deffinitly took city turns a lot flatter. Acceleration from a stop is great, they deffinitly gripped with no tire spin. Then again, 2.73 rear gears aren't exactly tire roasters, lol.

The tires do follow bumps on the highway a little more then the 245's, but that's expected. On the highway at cruising speed, they ride great. Low noise except for on concrete portions of the highway when driving at 75mph. They are loud then. But on paved portions, the noise is low.

They take pot holes and bumps pretty good, but you still have to be careful with low profile tires.

Overall, I think these tires are great. I would highly suggest them for people on a budget. And do ask if your local Firestone place price matches.