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Corner Lights

This is a discussion on Corner Lights within the Appearance Section forums, part of the General Help category; Can anyone tell me how to get the corner bumper lights out of my 02 SS thanks...

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    Corner Lights

    Can anyone tell me how to get the corner bumper lights out of my 02 SS thanks

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    if you jack up the car, in the corner front underside you'll find some 7mm screws holding a panel. Just unbolt the screws, fold the panel flap down, reach in and change the bulb.

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    Done this about 33 times now.

    First thing you want to do is remove the headlight. After you get the headlight out of the way, you will encounter 3 7mm bolts on the turnsignal you have to remove. One of them is underneath the turnsignal. Once you have removed the 7mm bolts, start to work the turnsignal out of its area. You have to be careful to not scuff up the front bumper cover. The corner of the turnsignal closest to the fender brackets is a PIA to clear over the bracket. You just got to force it and possibly get a flat head screwdriver to get it out of there. Getting the new one back in isn't near as hard for whatever reason. From here, just reverse your steps above and your home free.
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    I also Used masking tape on the headlight area of the bumper cover to make sure I didn't scratch the paint.

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    Done this a few times myself.

    Y2KPewterSS and The Old Man have the right idea. My Z28 is black and I made sure that I masked of all the painted areas around the headlights before I took them off.

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