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Complete Paint Job Cost?

This is a discussion on Complete Paint Job Cost? within the Appearance Section forums, part of the General Help category; Hey what have you guys paid to get your cars painted?? Im going to be getting several estimates and im ...

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    Complete Paint Job Cost?

    Hey what have you guys paid to get your cars painted??

    Im going to be getting several estimates and im wondering what would be reasonable for a pretty decent job............i know it aint gonna be cheap but she needs it getting to be quite the money pit lol

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    Depends on where you take it, Maaco will spray it pretty decent for around $800, but Maaco is really hit or miss, so you have to stay on top of them. If you're looking for show quality, expect between 2500-4000, and if you're looking for a complete stripping with everything re-painted, i.e. engine bay, inside of panels, etc., you're looking at a solid 5k or more. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for, but it's certainly possible to find a cheap but excellent shop.

    Always, always ask to see their work, if they can't show you several examples, don't go there; if they make excuses as to why some aspect of the paint jobs make them not perfect, don't go there; if their own cars don't look good, don't go there!
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    I work at a body shop in ohio, and our basic single color paint jobs run about 3500. Thats a base/clear job. From there it can only go up. There are people who pay 8-9k+ for a show quality job.

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    get a friend in the business... i bought $1200 worth of paint and clear coat and me and two friends completely stripped my z71 down, repainted it black, house of kolor flames, tons of clearcoat, painted the taillights.... only cost me $100 per friend and a case of beer =)

    when i traded my truck a kid in cali ended up with it and got keyed the first week... paint shop he took him too cost him 4k to fix the passenger side paint

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    i just got an estimate from a guy the has painted racecars for my father in law for a long time. he told me 3500 for a good quality complete repaint. HOWEVER... he said for alot less he can really make the car look great without an actual repaint. Ive taken really good care of my paint by scrubbing it polishing it and waxing it the last 7 years, but it can only do so much. I think im gonna have him just touch up the car and save the extra cash for heads/cam. good luck

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    that sounds like the best idea. if you have the car wet sanded and buffed it will look better than new. only thing you would have to paint is your chipped and dented spots. since only your 1/4s are metal you should be ok. if you have any door dings in your 1/4s maybe you should check into pdr (paintless dent removal). they use tools and glue to pull dents back out. if you decide to do this make sure they have done it for a while or it will look like someone shot it w/ a bb gun from the inside. google pdr.

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    I looked around for a month or so before I found a good paint shop. Not only did they do awsome work they wanted half as much money as other guys that I wouldnt even let touch my car after seeing their work. I got my 87 IROC painted base coat/clear coat for $1200.00. I got so many compliments on my car after it was painted. I am pretty picky and was very happy. After 1 1/2 years it still looks freshly painted.

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