Unfortunately I don't have a pic at the moment to post, b/c it's still being baked, but will post up once I get it back.

I've done a fair bit of engine mods and with the ever increasing boredom level decided to turn my attention to engine dress up. I tore the front of the engine down and took off all the accessories and found a few items that I wanted to get powder coated... water pump, accessory engine bracket & alternator. However, I knew the water pump has a few rubber seals and gaskets inside that would need to be removed before sending to the high heat ovens. So, I found a thread on how to remove the guts of the water pump at http://www.projecttransam.com/projects9.asp and gutted my water pump down to the bare housing, water pump kneck and took them to my local powder coater. All 3 items for only $75 for the mirror like "chrome" powder coat finish for the engine accessory bracket, water pump & kneck.