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Washing an engine

This is a discussion on Washing an engine within the Showcar and Detailing forums, part of the General Help category; With an LS1 engine there's a lot of wires and stuff take should not get wet, so what this the ...

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    Washing an engine

    With an LS1 engine there's a lot of wires and stuff take should not get wet, so what this the correct way of washing an LS1 engine? (a video would be nice).

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    I should have video'd myself as I just did this. Should be good for a year now . Just avoid the battery, and the intake manifold. Everything else can be sprayed wet. On a cold block, in my garage, I used an APC ( all purpose cleaner ) not a engine block degreaser as painted and plastics may suffer. Agitate surfaces with a soft bristle brush and rinse it in a bucket of clear water. Then rinse the under-hood and the places you cleaned. I blow dryed the engine bay with my stihl leaf blower, focused real good on the intake manifold as water puddles formed around the injectors, let it sit the rest of the day hood up in the garage. After dinner I went out and hit it all up with a trim dressing to get the plastics looking slick and new.

    Next day car started up no issues or aromas at all.
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    I just cleaned my engine bay last week for the first time in years.

    First I need to say I have no leaks of any kind so I didn't have that issue to deal with.
    Just years of normal road and rain build up.

    I did start with a light cleaning using a pressure washer. I seriously didn't like the idea but kept it
    back enough to not mess things up. Then I took a bucket with soapy water and bit the bullet.
    Hand washed everything I could get to. Don't ask how many cuts and scrapes I have on both hands and arms. (grin)
    I would spray away soap and soil every few minutes. Once it all looked clean I used my air compressor to get all the water I could manage out, off OR away from everything. It worked well. No issues with cranking at all.

    This took me ALL DAY to do. Well, almost. Started about 10 am until dark thirty.

    The next day I used back to black on all hoses, wires, plastic etc I could get to and spray waxed all else under the hood. That took almost another day. I would hate to do this for a living. However, all the time and labor was / is well worth it.
    It looks great.
    Good luck with yours.

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    Just had my engine washed in a local car wash. I just noticed that the guy who did the cleaning applied an oil that smelled like kerosene on the surface of the engine.

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    he trying to burn it down?

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    My engine bay gets diluted Spray Nine, or the sort, and the rinses withal a spray bottle of water.

    The engine gets brake cleaner in really dirty, or hard to reach spots.

    No more hoses/pressure cleanings after I drowned out my knock sensors just before Carlisle 2017.
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