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Tom 06 GTO...I am not trying to take anything from Zaino. Great products for sure.

Just saying I think other products have slightly better durability. Which only becomes a problem when you aren't using the product once a month. Like on my daily driver.
Gets wax twice a year...before winter and right after winter.

Anyone tried RejeX?? Roommate swears by it. And he has proven it is durable. Put it on my girls Vibe, and it still beads very well after 6 months.
I'm with you. I've found Z's durability to be fine for me since I wash at least 2 times a month and polish about once a month. I don't mind since it goes on and off so easily and smells soooo good. (Am I hooked to the smell??? Like the coke addict who said, "I just like the smell"? Who knows).

I tried other stuff, too, and never had anything last more than a couple months. Maybe it's the hot sun and lots of rain we can get here in Florida.

I haven't reied RejeX. But I read the web site. It sounds ok. But, I think I'll stick with what's been working great for me. Just hate to strip it all off, try something new, then have to start all over again if I don't like it.

Anyone else try it?