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How much do you miss?

This is a discussion on How much do you miss? within the Showcar and Detailing forums, part of the General Help category; I waxed my car last week, used meguiars nxt, no matter how much you shook it was still seperated a ...

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    How much do you miss?

    I waxed my car last week, used meguiars nxt, no matter how much you shook it was still seperated a little, watery, then a solid white stuff. I did the entire car twice so everything was covered. At this point I was wiped out. Had just done an insanly long cleaning job before this.

    I set up six different lights around the car in my garage. Started taking it off. Walked around three times. Great, I got it all...yeah, I was finding wax I missed still on the car for three days after the fact. Anyone else miss as much as I did or am I pathetic.

    Detail shop ftw next time.

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    I normally don't miss much.
    But I do sections at a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Luos View Post
    I normally don't miss much.
    But I do sections at a time.
    +1 sections work good for me

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    I do mine in sections or at least I did before I destroyed my back-now I watch my sister do it in sections.

    *** also- I dont know about where you live but here in Fl. there are alot of "detailers" that dont know wtf they are doing. I tried 3 different ones and wound up teaching my sister. One place used dirty soap water to wash my car and the next day it was spotted. Next place the guy wore rings and was leaning on my car with them-he also used the same soapy water to wash my car that he used on the wheels. Next place burned the paint off my gas cap door and one other spot. I couldnt deal with it anymore. Do it yourself so its done right.
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    It's good to let the wax, or whatever you using haze. I usually do 3 steps at a minimum when I detail cars. I'm very anal about removing everything. I'll go over with a microfiber towel 2-3 times to make sure I didn't miss a spot. I go over it the same way I go over when I'm applying the product, rather than a speed buff out..

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    I dont normally miss big spots but a few days later i will see white sections in the cracks off the body panels. I usually wait for that then just go around the car and wipe out all the cracks where white showed up. Sections work best too, I go one body panel at a time.

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    I always go over it with a QD when I think I have it all off....
    Whether you think you have all the wax or sealant off it only improves what you just got done doing.
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    I go over it closely when buffing, but also when applying the wax I make sure I'm not putting more wax on my applicator then going right over a seem or crack. I start in the middle of the panel and work out to the edges.

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