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This is a discussion on speakers within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; Im just curious about something because im reading mixed stuff everywhere... keep in mind its about the monsoon system w/ ...

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    Im just curious about something because im reading mixed stuff everywhere... keep in mind its about the monsoon system w/ the 2 ohm amp. Ive read in places if you put a 4 ohm speaker to a 2 ohm amp it will make it not sound as good because your cutting power in half, and ive read ppl saying that it accually makes it sound clear. Im just trying to clarify this.... And can you change the factory speaker amp w/ an aftermarket unit w/o having to run all new wiring??
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    it will not be as loud if you run 4 far as the aftermarket amp...............anyone else??

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    Running 4ohm speakers if very efficient should sound good, I have seen people install alpines and they say they sound good, never heard them in person though.

    The monsoon amp, is not a powerhouse, with my infinity 62.7i's they work great, but there is a limit to when the amp starts to distort, lucky for me it is just above the max level I like to listen to the stereo. With a more powerfull amp, the wiring you would want to upgrade and trying to figure out which ones are for what would be a pain. The only ones you would really have to spend time on is the doors, the sailpanels have nothing in the way and simple to run some wires.

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