I'm looking to finnally get my steering wheel controls working. My head unit is Blaupunkt mp3000 http://www.crutchfield.com/S-m29BUwx...px?i=023MP3000, I did not put this h/u in the car it was there when I bought it. If been doing some reasearch on this but came across this

Straight from crunchfield.com
It is also compatible with Blaupunkt radios having the input for an optional wireless remote, but the adapter plug necessary to interface with the Blaupunkt is not included.

What interface are they talking about, do I have to buy something else as well to get it to work. Also how would I know if my head unit came with a remote, I don't have one but I am not the orginal owner so its possible it was lost. Is it possible all these head units were built with remote capibilites but you only got the remote if you bought it? Is the remote needed for programming?